Update for Toxikon Customers

Dear Valued Customer - Happy New Year!


We are keen to keep our valued customers regularly informed of all our activities, as well as any regulatory or scientific updates related to your testing programs.


2017 has been marked by further investments into our core abilities and we look forward to working with you in 2018.
As you may already be aware, Toxikon Corporation divested its European subsidiary, Toxikon Europe NV (located in Leuven, Belgium), on October 31st, 2017, to Nelson Labs, a subsidiary of Sotera Health LLC. Following this transaction, Nelson Labs will now offer pharmaceutical extractable and leachable (E&L) testing to its customers.


Toxikon Corporation’s focus and strategy is to pro-actively focus on the delivery of:

  • in vivo, in vitro, analytical and bioanalytical services to the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries, as well as E&L testing to the medical device industry; and
  • under the Toxikon brand, Toxikon Corporation will continue to provide you the extensive services you have come to know from Toxikon Corporation over the past 40 years. All current and future work shall therefore continue to be performed by Toxikon Corporation without any interruption subject to the limits specified below.


Under the terms of the transaction with Sotera Health:

  • Toxikon Corporation will not provide E&L services to the pharmaceutical industry in those countries which the former Toxikon Europe conducted pharmaceutical E&L services within the past two years through October 31, 2020; and
  • Toxikon Corporation’s former subsidiary is allowed to continue to use the name “Toxikon Europe” for a transitional period ending on July 31, 2018. However, this entity will be rebranded as Nelson Laboratories Europe starting on or about February 7, 2018.


If you have any questions regarding your current contract with Toxikon Corporation, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information as we continue to support the safety and efficacy of your products.


Chaula Desai
Director of Sales and Client Service
Toxikon Corporation 

Update for Toxikon Customers