Request a Quote for Testing Programs

Request a Quote for Preclinical Testing Services

Toxikon is a trusted partner for life science companies, providing the qualified, 3rd-party confidence that medical products will perform as expected with minimal risk of adverse effects.

We are proud to play a vital and singular role in the chain of events that move innovative therapies from concept, through research and development, into trials and approvals, through production and commercialization, and finally delivered to the consumer. We care about your products – and the life-changing outcomes they can offer – as much as you do.

We view our relationship with your business as a hollistic partnership; not as series of singular projects or studies. Our goal is to help you reach each milestone along the development path to commercialization . We offer our expertise and capabilities to help you succeed better in today's business and regulatory environment.

If you have a medical device, pharmaceutical, biologic, or combination product that is ready for preclinical testing, we invite you to request a quote from Toxikon for your testing program. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with innovative companies dedicated to bringing new therapies to market.


Request a Quote for Testing Programs
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Toxikon is a leading preclinical contract research organization providing in vivo, in vitro, and analytical testing services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries – helping those companies gain approval for their products quickly and bring them to market successfully.