Genetic and Molecular Toxicology

Genetic and molecular toxicology studies at Toxikon are conducted to elucidate molecular mechanisms involving clastogenicity, aneugenicity, DNA effects/frameshift, transverse and transition mutations, and carcinogenicity.

Genotoxicity evaluation constitutes an essential part of preclinical testing program for device and drug approval. A variety of genetic toxicology screening assays also play an important role in lead compound selection in the early phase of drug development. Our facilities and experienced laboratory management can offer the highest quality of work in compliance with ICH, OECD, ISO 17025 and many other globally-recognized standards. With decades of experience, our team will collaborate with you as an extension of your firm to facilitate drug and device development, achieve product safety and regulatory compliance, as well as maintain the highest levels of laboratory quality control.

Toxikon assay capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Bacterial mutation
  • Mammalian Cell
  • Mammalian Cytogenetics
  • Cell Transformation
  • DNA Damage/Repair


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Toxikon provides specialized preclinical toxicology testing services (In Vivo and In Vitro) helping clients in biochemical and molecular toxicology screening, risk assessment and preclinical toxicology analysis for biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device sector.