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Comprehensive Assessment

Pre-clinical research safety and efficacy studies require accurate pathological assessment in order to distinguish any gross clinical or microscopic changes. Toxikon offers a variety of scalable pathology evaluations. Our experienced team, which includes board-certified anatomic pathologists, clinical pathologists and certified technicians, are dedicated to providing sound research programs that require large amounts of data to be collected, prepared, evaluated and interpreted in order to meet your development goals. Our data is collected in ProvantisTM which enhances data collection accuracy, speed and reporting. Our laboratory meets the highest standards for preclinical research in compliance with GLP regulations.

The laboratories have extensive experience in:

Histology and Trimming:

Large and Small Animal Necropsy and Tissue Grossing
Extensive Experience in Hard, Soft and Ocular Tissue
H&E Staining
Special Staining
Digital Pathology


Clinical Pathology

Clinical Chemistry
Assay Development & Biomarker Analysis
Bone Marrow Evaluation


Our pathologist's skills and expertise in comparing morphologic changes with biological phenomena puts us at the forefront of assisting sponsors in tissue assessment. These groups are responsible for establishing criteria for the interpretation for a wide variety of studies and animal models.

Our validated instrumentation allows for accurate and timely turnaround of all clinical pathology specimens. For necropsy, our on-site veterinarians, pathologists and scientists understand the importance of sound science when determining the safety and efficacy of drugs and medical devices. At Toxikon, we support you through the entire development process, from concept to final product.

Toxikon’s facilities are equipped to provide complete GLP-compliant necropsy, histology, and histopathology services, and we routinely offer a wide variety of specialty pathology-based disciplines to meet the demand of the evolving development community. 


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Preclinical Pathology Evaluation Services | Toxicologic Pathology | Independent Pathology Laboratory Services
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Toxikon offers a variety of independent and innovative pathology evaluation services with vast experience in urinalysis, coagulation, hematology and clinical chemistry. Our fully equipped pathology laboratory meets the highest standards for preclinical research in compliance with GLP/CAP regulations.