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A Consultative and Customized Approach

Toxikon offers custom research and testing services in support of drug and device discovery and development. Our product development capabilities are focused on discoveries that improve the quality of life, while delivering quality science. Along with R&D/Discovery, these capabilities include ocular drug development, surgical programs, synthesis and formulation IND/NDA enabling studies, reproductive toxicology study designs, carcinogenicity, and full pathology capabilities. Working closely with our clients, we are committed to providing customized services that meet the required objectives of our clients’ programs.

While our reputation has been built on our vast toxicology experience, Toxikon’s Custom Services include:

  • Conducting ophthalmic studies in small and large animal models, including acute irritation, ocular distribution (PK/PD), acute and repeat dose toxicity, implantation, drug screening and drug efficacy;
  • Well-designed facilities for efficacy and surgical and research services; including surgical suites, with adjacent pre- and post-operative care areas to meet unique development needs, including dedicated necropsy for a variety of animal models and physician training
  • Design and synthesis of small molecules and analogs for lead generation and lead optimization, preparation of building blocks, scaffolds and intermediate compounds, custom synthesis of lead compounds from milligrams to large scale; and synthesis of reference compounds and metabolites;
  • Reproductive/developmental toxicology studies that can optimize the objectives of any specific compound to integrate a sponsor’s other scientific goals;
  • A variety of pathology evaluations and expertise, clinical chemistry, and hematological studies.

We understand just how critical development support is from concept through essential safety and efficacy studies. At Toxikon, our approach involves three main values. First, we are committed to quality and scientific excellence. Second, our client-centric, collaborative approach will give you confidence knowing that our scientists understand your application, and third, our experience with regulatory guidelines not only means worldwide data acceptability, but also compliant product development.

The Development Path

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Custom Drug Discovery and Medical Device Development Services | Drug and Device Discovery Research and Development Services
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Toxikon provides custom research services in support of drug and device discovery research and development for biotech, pharma and medical device sector. Learn about our drug discovery research and development services on our website!